Researching, planning, and testing your mobile market – 2 videos from Digital Dragons 2018

Mobile is a bit of a different kettle of fish than most other markets, particularly mobile gaming, in that a lot of developers approach it from a passion perspective first, and a business perspective second. I was invited down to Krakow for Digital Dragons earlier this year, which is a great gaming conference (definitely go if you get the chance, Krakow is a great city and the crowd is super fun), and my presentation centred on how one can do market research on mobile verticals.

I’m still developing this talk, and would love to include more data from other sources (more granular CPIs and ad revenue to start with), but if you’re interested in the process of analysing a mobile market, take a look:

Market research is one part of the process of building a successful mobile business (unless you’re crazy lucky and go viral…), but preparing and testing your product properly is also key. My favourite talk at the conference was by the CMO at Pixel Federation, who did a great talk (with lots of in-house data) on how to plan and conduct soft launch testing. You can check it out here:


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