Startup Resources / Reading List

I’m ≈5 years into my startup journey, and have run into some great content that has helped me along the way. I’ll try to keep this updated with any great new stuff I find, and if you’ve got hot tips, drop me a message.


  • All you need to get started modelling a SaaS business from one of the best at it: Christoph Janz of Point 9 – SaaS 2.0
  • If you need to know something about SaaS sales or marketing or go to market, there’s a good chance Tomas from Redpoint has written about it on his blog. Look past the semi-clickbait titles – the content is great.
  • SaaS sales compensation thinking from Jason Lemkin. It’s a complex topic, lots of people get it wrong, but I think Jason’s advice can be super helpful for companies still figuring this out.


  • Eric Seufert is super experienced, and most things he writes over at Mobile Dev Memo are gold (except his predictions about the death of mobile market analytics…). If you’re planning a mobile businesses, his LTV Modelling talk/sheet is great. If you’re newly responsible for mobile UA, read his stuff on Mobile UA 101.



  • Great post on understanding leads and the models available.