Startup Resources / Reading List

I’m ≈5 years into my startup journey, and have run into some great content that has helped me along the way. I’ll try to keep this updated with any great new stuff I find, and if you’ve got hot tips, drop me a message.

Product Market Fit


  • All you need to get started modelling a SaaS business from one of the best at it: Christoph Janz of Point 9 – SaaS 2.0
  • If you need to know something about SaaS sales or marketing or go to market, there’s a good chance Tomas from Redpoint has written about it on his blog. Look past the semi-clickbait titles – the content is great.
  • SaaS sales compensation thinking from Jason Lemkin. It’s a complex topic, lots of people get it wrong, but I think Jason’s advice can be super helpful for companies still figuring this out.


  • Eric Seufert is super experienced, and most things he writes over at Mobile Dev Memo are gold (except his predictions about the death of mobile market analytics…). If you’re planning a mobile businesses, his LTV Modelling talk/sheet is great. If you’re newly responsible for mobile UA, read his stuff on Mobile UA 101.
  • Andy Carvell and Moritz Dann developed the Mobile Growth Stack while building mobile growth at Soundcloud, and have continued to refine it since starting their own consultancy. Check out MGS for an in depth framework for driving growth of (mobile) products.
  • Appsflyer put out some great content on their blog, and often share benchmarks derived from the masses of data they’re sitting on.
  • Chartboost also shares some great blog insights, as well as a CPI/geo matrix which is handy for market research.



  • Great post on understanding qualification of leads and the Lead->MQL->SQL flow.